Make Every Effort

I am preaching this week on the topic of “Make Every Effort” and the more i think of it it is turning into a sermon on Sanctification.

The Picture is of Jens Voight, one of my favorite cyclists in the Pro Peloton at the moment, and when i think of him i think of a man who is never afraid of hard work, he is a machine, in fact there is a web site dedicated to his hard man comments, he is a serious hard man.

Often we get a bit scared when we talk about doing things in our Christian lives, as we can get stuck in the works frame of mind. But that is not what Sanctification is about, it is about a response to what has already happened through us being justified by faith. and sanctification is a shared work between us and God, we have to work at it, it is  hard work as well.

This article has been a great help in getting em thinking about the topic, still more work to go but a article worth reading. here it is

Make Every Effort.