Hi all, (well no one at this point in time apart from me)

we just had a weekend away, Got the opportunity to preach in Molong Baptist church on sunday morning, i love visiting other churches, seeing how they are doing things. the church service was one of their Youth services, a wonderful idea in which the whole church is done by the youth, i was interviewed by a 12 year old, the kids talk was done by a teenager and the service was also lead by a teenager. very good idea and i think i can being it home and get our teens more involved in church, and give them some ownership.

Preached on Col 1 that Jesus is our sole and sufficient saviour, with a gospel overview according to Paul. Great passage and very encouraging well to me anyway and hopefully to others.

We then stayed on a friends farm to help out for a few days, what a place the photo was one morning as we were waking up. they Got 2 inches of rain which is great as it is sowing time and the soil will be prefect for it. God is good after a drought that may not be over yet, but looking good so far this year.

Thanks God for:

  • Unborn Babies, that they grow well and into God
  • Friends, for their hospitality
  • The Gospel, that we can be reminded of its greatness
  • Rain in a country reeling from Drought
  • our friends as they start  a new job
  • that i can take more time for God

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