Hi all, (well no one at this point in time apart from me)

we just had a weekend away, Got the opportunity to preach in Molong Baptist church on sunday morning, i love visiting other churches, seeing how they are doing things. the church service was one of their Youth services, a wonderful idea in which the whole church is done by the youth, i was interviewed by a 12 year old, the kids talk was done by a teenager and the service was also lead by a teenager. very good idea and i think i can being it home and get our teens more involved in church, and give them some ownership.

Preached on Col 1 that Jesus is our sole and sufficient saviour, with a gospel overview according to Paul. Great passage and very encouraging well to me anyway and hopefully to others.

We then stayed on a friends farm to help out for a few days, what a place the photo was one morning as we were waking up. they Got 2 inches of rain which is great as it is sowing time and the soil will be prefect for it. God is good after a drought that may not be over yet, but looking good so far this year.

Thanks God for:

  • Unborn Babies, that they grow well and into God
  • Friends, for their hospitality
  • The Gospel, that we can be reminded of its greatness
  • Rain in a country reeling from Drought
  • our friends as they start  a new job
  • that i can take more time for God

Hello Blog world!

this is my first experience of blogging, and well i was looking for a way to think through my relationship with Jesus, i thought about journals but i thought that the best way to do it would be with a blog, they seem to be all the rage these days.

anyway i am 30 with a wife and a son who is turning 1 in a few weeks, very exciting 🙂

today i had the privilege of teaching scripture, a year 10 class and a year 6 class. The year ten class went very well, we talked about the history of the christian faith, how it divided from the Catholic’s in the 1500’s and also what separates Protestant Evangelical Christianity from the other religions out there, that is that we are not about what we have to do but we are about what has already been done for us by Jesus. very good class with some great discussions, i like year ten much better than year 8!

was a great reminder of the real need for people to be speaking of Jesus in our schools, we are so lucky we still can, thanks God 🙂

the below image is of us all on our holiday to Tasmania in January at Wine Glass Bay, very cool

anyway thats my thoughts for now, i hope i get the hang of this blogging stuff.